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  • This is coming from a 17 year old high school kid who has really bad sweating problems in his armpits.. I could never wear a blue, gray, red, and color of the freaking rainbow shirt cuz I would sweat terribly! Until I got this product.. lets just say its gold. The firat day it really didn't work and I thought it was just another one of those products that suck.. but I kept with it and the next day amazing and everyday after that. Get this product.. I swear! It will work for you.

  • Until 5 years ago, Lady Mitchum roll-on was the best working anti-perspirant deodorant overall in my book. I hate waiting for roll-on to dry but you could actually “skip a day” as advertised without too much concern. I tried them all from stick to spray to roll-on. Degree and Secret proved to be close second’s, but I digress…this is different. I’m here to tell you I found a simple product that changed my life. Seriously.
    Girls talk and it’s not always about guys thank God. My good friend recommended this to me and I am recommending it to you. You don’t have to diagnose yourself with some special condition to force yourself to try something new here.

    Sulance is found in any store you find deodorants and no one will look at you funny if you buy it. I’ve only had one cashier ask me “does this stuff really work?” and I said ‘no, that’s why I’m buying it.’ It was a little strange at first, goes on like water. You put it on at bedtime believe it or not, just as the instructions say. You shower the next morning and it doesn’t affect its strength. Reason being, this is the only product out there that uses a chemical reaction to fight odor and wetness because it contains 12% aluminum chloride which is found in all deodorants, so until now you’ve been paying for a pore clogging wax with only a fraction of this chemical.

    I might grow a unicorn horn on my head but it probably won’t be due to too much aluminum chloride in my armpits.

  • As a teen I suffered constantly from perspiration problems. I would come home from school with huge sweat marks that eventually turned the under-arms of my favorite shirt permanently brown. After trying every antiperspirant I could find, I just gave up and only would only wear black shirts. It was so embarrassing. Months later, while shopping for the one brand that slightly helped my problem, I saw a new name on the shelf. "Well this Sulance cant be any worse than what I have now" is what I thought to myself. Of course I had many doubts after all that I'd been through. Two weeks later I was ecstatic. I wasn't sweating nearly at much! I just couldn't believe it. Now I can wear anything I want without even having to worry about marks. This product is the absolute best and a big part of my teenage life. Thank you Sulance!!!

  • I am surprised at the results. It works really, it is the most valuable gift that I have ever got. Sulance is grate one. It gave me my girlfriend and I want to say her thank you my love. I was suffering with excessive perspiration, that was hell, but now I am happppppyyyyyyyyyy. Thanks a lot.

  • Before I found Sulance I had tried everything to stop my excessive perspiration, if there is an anti perspiring out there I had tried it. When I bought the Sulance I read the box and found it interesting that you put it on at night before you go to bed. The first time I used it it tingled like crazy well no pain no gain!! the next day my sweat level decreased from sweating through business suits to a little dampness.

    After a couple nights of using Sulance I no longer sweat from my underarm!!! This has changed my personal and business life and taken away the thought of "I hope they dont see me sweating".

    This is the best product for excessive sweating, period. Thank you Sulance for changing my life and helping others with this same issue, you have gained my business for life. The really good thing is I only have to use it once every couple weeks now and the perspiration is gone!!! Thanks Again!!!! If yall need someone for a commercial I am very good looking and would love to participate. Best Regards.

  • Ever since i could remember i have had excessive sweating. thank you so much for making this product. It is an absolute blessing. i have gotten a boost of confidence and I am not ashamed to go out anymore. Thank you so much. - Very Grateful Customer

  • Teenagers can find relief from excessive sweating with Sulance. You can get a perscription antiperspirants that contain higher concentrations of aluminum hydroxide or aluminum chloride than deorderant, such as Drysol (20 percent) or Sulancei (12 percent)

  • Sulance© Usage Tips

    Sulance© protects against excessive sweating,
    odour issues, facial sweating, hand or foot sweating,
    underarm wetness and is also suitable for sports-people and
    the wearers of prosthesis.
    Sulance© Guaranteed to work

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