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Warmly welcome talents to join Sulance best!

Sulance is an exciting enterprise, provides the occupation development opportunities for a wide range of.Ouremployee occupation development and shared responsibility, commitment to reward and retain talents, development.Our global "performance and development plan" (PDP) for the entire staff for help is a good occupation, the link of business success linking personal success with the company. Our talent assessment and management process to ensure that we find, develop, motivate and retain talent.

We know the talent is the key to business success, so we encourage our employees to maximize its potential.

We are committed to the long-term training local personnel, encourage each employee learning and development,and provide various training and development programs and resources required, make excellent talents to become the company's wealth, achieve our common dedication social ideal. Sulance welcomed the work environment with different backgrounds to join, offer your professional skills and rich imagination, will the company to a brighter future.

We promise to provide a respect different cultures and working environment for employees, regardless of race,gender, age, religion or disability, we provide equal opportunities for all employees and fair treatment.

We consider that this principle is to make our company more competitive advantages, help us to recruit and retain the best talent, and encourage them to understand the cultural differences and the service area of the client population in the work, achieve our common dedication social ideal.

In Sulance , our business with integrity and honesty, we provide work behavior guidelines, to help employees for the company's performance and reputation of responsibility. The company also ensure that all business decisions areconsidering ethical, social and environmental requirements.

We seek for the staff to create the best environment. Sulance provides a safe and healthy work environment for employees, and employees were recognized benign balance between work and family demands. We hope that all theemployees do their best work when, can meet the needs of personal occupation.

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Sulance© protects against excessive sweating,
odour issues, facial sweating, hand or foot sweating,
underarm wetness and is also suitable for sports-people and
the wearers of prosthesis.
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