Research and development

Research and development advantages

Sulance scientists are trying to explore new methods to deal with the prevention and treatment of diseases. By scientific resources by extensive talent resources and tip, we will be able to maintain a diverse and healthy development of product line, dedicated to the people of the world continue to provide valuable new product.

Make us proud is, we have developed some of the world's leading body odor products.

Sulance has one of the largest global research and development system of body odor in the industry, has more than 15000 scientists engaged in research and development, R & D investment per day up to 8000000 pounds,equivalent to 300000 per hour.

Our R & D team every year for new drug screening of 65000000 compounds, drugs and greatly expand thedevelopment area.

The rapid development of science and technology, the development of innovative drugs. Cause we are committed tothrough the study of disease, upgrade our R & D mode. Our "drug discovery optimization center" (CEDD, Centres ofExcellence for Drug Discovery) study focusing on the occurrence of disease and the deterioration process, developed the most safe and effective drugs.

Each CEDD consists of several "according to disease drug innovation unit" (DPU, Discovery Performance Unit), in drug huge mechanism in the formation of a development oriented small work units, we make our work more efficient and flexible.

One of the biggest R & D partners Shi Lanshu or skin in our industry, and governments, academic institutions and other pharmaceutical companies maintain effective cooperation.

We believe, our common efforts will make the whole world people live healthier, happier.


Commitment to innovation

The development of a new product, time-consuming 12 years, invested about $500000000. However, new product research and development is the key to our success in the future, stand in the forefront of science and technologyinnovation is the core of our cause. In Shi Lanshu, we are committed to providing innovative products for the worldbody odor, help them have a happy and healthy life.
Sulance© Usage Tips

Sulance© protects against excessive sweating,
odour issues, facial sweating, hand or foot sweating,
underarm wetness and is also suitable for sports-people and
the wearers of prosthesis.
Sulance© Guaranteed to work

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