Contributing to society

Contributing to society is our responsibility

To make a positive contribution to our commitment to society, investment in health and education projects, promote cooperation, and continuously improve the people's quality of life. We donate money, drugs and equipment through the nonprofit organization, to help the real needs of people get real benefits.

Be a good corporate citizen in Chinese

One of the enterprise purpose Shi Lanshu of the China Company, is to become a good corporate citizen in China. The company China development in 20 years, and actively participate in social activities on health education, public spirited undertakings. In the field of major diseases, medical education, in many aspects to donate, assistance to disaster areas, we have extended the hand of enthusiasm.

Global Corporate Responsibility Report

We help communities to improve health conditions, disease prevention, globally in 2008, we include products and funds, the global community investment for 124000000 pounds.
Sulance© Usage Tips

Sulance© protects against excessive sweating,
odour issues, facial sweating, hand or foot sweating,
underarm wetness and is also suitable for sports-people and
the wearers of prosthesis.
Sulance© Guaranteed to work

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